FAQs Tuesday, July 26, 2016
 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age requirements or prerequisites for the Constitutional Law course?

This class is open to students of all ages, provided they have adult reading skills. Advanced 14-year-olds would be capable of succeeding in the course.

What day and time will the class meet?

The only scheduled class times are the chat sessions with Dr. Farris, but students are able to log into the online classroom at any time to view their reading and listening assignments for the week.

Is there any interaction among students in the course?

A student forum is available to facilitate discussion between fellow classmates on any course-related material.

Will the course have live interaction between Dr. Farris and the students?

Dr. Farris and students interact in a total of 12 live discussions (or chat sessions) on the cases and course material. Each session lasts one hour. Registered students will be notified as to when these sessions will occur.

Are there any other writing assignments besides the midterm and final exam?

Besides essay-style answers to the midterm and final exam questions, students write brief summaries on the cases they study in preparation for each chat session.

Does the course offer high school or college credit?

We do not offer high school or college credit, but the course may qualify for one credit of high school government when students/parents privately request independent study credit through an institutional school.

What are the system requirements for the course?

The system requirements for the course are an internet connection (56k or better, broadband preferred), a recent version of any standard web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape), Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a media player that supports the MP3 format (Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes).

How do I enroll?

Simply complete and submit the online registration form. You will receive your confirmation, password, and further instructions shortly thereafter via email.

Still have questions?

Use our contact form to send us a message, email conlaw@hslda.org, or call 540-338-8714